JavaScript performance tests
Oct 19, 2013     21:11:40

When we developing simple JS app / website we don't even need to test something. If everything is simple - there is no reason to make it hard.

But while developing plugins, libraries, or a project with fat ("powerful") client-side part, JavaScript performance has much higher priority.

The are a lot of ways to test different cases:

  • - JavaScript performance playground;
  • console.time() method of testing some code part performance;
  • console.time('timerName');
    /* your code */
  • Self written timers;

Base64 vs. CSS Sprites: battle for performance
Jul 15, 2012     17:17:17

Tones of developers fighting with unneeded kilobytes of data on their web projects to increase their performance. Minimization of pages weight, reducing the number of requests, place of including scripts and many other things affect the speed of loading and displaying the pages. Developers using css3 sprites to reduce the number of queries when page loads. Base64 image encoding also using in this context and in some way it is more convenient.

... Read more to know the benefits and drawbacks