Site update & blog launch
Jan 17, 2012     10:10:10

Goog morning!

Few days ago I decided to update my website design and add a blog section. Redesign was an easiest part, blog developing is also not hard. The hardest thing is to write something interesting for you in my new blog. In this first article I'll try to describe what and what for will be my writing.

New design is very simple and understandable.

By the advice of Paul Grozyan (@grozyan) I combined "lab" and "project" sections. Because the project is only one for now, it's so tiny and looks like a lab experiment. There was idea to call the section "labject" but it was only idea:)

The most thing I like in new design is new code highlighting style! Here is an example how it works:

<!-- inclide prettify style file -->
<link href="/css/prettify.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!-- inclide main prettify js file -->
<script src="/js/prettify.js"></script>
		prettyPrint(); // run code prettify on document.ready()

<!-- construction for code prettify -->
Here is your code